Fast - Reliable - Tailor-made

We are committed to offer a customised and flexible service

Shipping Status Updates

› At every loading and unloading phase
› Whenever requested
› Proactive updates every 4h

24/7 availability

Support and assistance every day

Response time: 5 to 30 minutes
Reference price: 0.55€ per loaded kilometer
O.B.C - trained and trustworthy couriers

Having built an extensive network of specialised partners throughout Europe, Veryfex has the ability to create fast, flexible, secure and ready-to-go transport solutions. Whenever and wherever your transport needs appear, we will be there to get your shipment to its destination.

In addition to the speed and constant availability, we are committed to provide you with a customised, all year-round service. Throughout our collaboration, our specialised team is always ready to support you in your requests with rigor and transparency.

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